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They were talking about John Cheever on the radio today (I think it was PRI). As I listened I was reminded of some of my favorite Cheever stories. He was mainly a short story writer with sort of a surrealist style. His most famous story is probably “The Enormous Radio”, a story about a couple whose radio lets them hear their neighbors conversations. He won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1979.

By far my favorite Cheever story is “The Swimmer”. The story begins on a light note as the main character, a man named Neddy, decides to get home by swimming through all of his neighbors pools. However, the story becomes progressively more dark as he journeys home. His neighbors begin to make cryptic remarks to him and the nice summer weather begins to get colder and colder. By the time he reaches his home he finds it abandoned as if a lifetime has passed. It really is a wonderful and moving story and I will highly recommend it.

You can read the full story of “The Swimmwe” online here: http://shortstoryclassics.50megs.com/cheeverswimmer.html.


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